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Eligibility for membership in the SRPGA through the Salt River Project Employees Recreation Association (PERA) Club as written in the SRPGA bylaws are as follows:

Regular Member

SRP fulltime regular payroll employees, official SRP retirees, SRP board and council members, and family members having PERA privileges approved by the PERA Club Board. Family members are defined as a spouse and unmarried children residing within the same residence.

Social Member

Parents, sisters, brothers, grandchildren, and other relatives, as well as persons unrelated to the PERA club member require sponsorship and nomination by an active Regular Member and approval from the SRPGA Board of Directors.

Dues for 2024

$85 ($45 SRPGA + $45 AGA less $5 for Online join/Renewal)

Membership in the SRPGA requires membership in the Arizona Golf Association (AGA).

Membership period begins January 1, 2023 and ends December 31, 2023.

Renewal and new membership period begins for 2024 begins October 3, 2023.

Renew or Join

New membership applications will require approval from the SRPGA prior to final processing of the application and payment.

The AGA will collect both SRPGA and AGA dues. Go to the AGA website at and click on the “JOIN/RENEW” tab at the top right of the home page to go to the Membership page. New and renewing members can click on the “CLUB DIRECTORY” tab to start the process. In the search field, enter “Salt” and hit the search tab find “Salt River Project Golf Assn.” Follow the instructions and have your credit card handy.

If you have any questions, contact Dave McIntire,

SRPGA Treasurer Dave McIntire
500 S Mill Ave
P.O. Box 392
Tempe, AZ 85280

Join or Renew Guide for the AGA website (link to the Arizona Golf Association, AGA, website)

Membership List January 2022

Governing Documents

Bylaws, Policies, Constitution

Join the SRP Golf Association!

For 2022, membership in the SRPGA continues to be extremely low at only $25. Membership in the Arizona Golf Association (AGA) is also required, and that is only $35 (it typically is $30 during early renewal, before January 1).

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Determine Your Membership Eligibility

If you are unsure of your membership eligibility, check out what our bylaws and policies say.

New Members: To Join SRPGA and AGA

  • Membership is open to SRP employees and qualified others. You will sign up for the SRPGA and the AGA through the AGA website ( Information required includes name, address, SRP sponsor name (if applicable), phone number, email, and date of birth. 
  • After you fill out and submit an application, it will be transferred to SRPGA for review and approval. 
  • Once approved you will need to go to the AGA website and set up your user ID.  Please do not use your email address for your login ID.  Either create one or use your GHIN number
  • Establish a password and remember it to post your outside scores (write it down). If you forget your AGA password, the AGA can send it to your email address (click Forgot Password).

    You can also use the GHIN site to post scores if you remember your GHIN number.

    You MUST post your outside scores in order to get an honest and accurate SRPGA handicap. (An alternate method of posting scores is to use the
    GHIN site if you remember your GHIN number.)
  • If you belong to another AGA club, you do not have to pay AGA dues again. It is helpful to have your AGA member number, but if you don't, they have a "find me" function.

Renewing Members: To Renew SRPGA and AGA

Please renew by December 31 to avoid paying the extra $5 to the AGA.

  1. On the AGA website (, type your user name and password, and then click Login.  

  2. On the Members menu, click "dashboard." 

  3. Under My Member Clubs, find Salt River Project Golf Association on the list of clubs and check the box to the right it.

    Multiple clubs and associations: If you want to renew the memberships for each club you belong to, and if they allow online registration, check the box for each of those clubs and associations. You will only be charged AGA dues once.

  4. Click Renew Selected, and follow the instructions from there.

    If you have any questions, contact Dave McIntire,


     SRPGA Treasurer Dave McIntire

     500 S. Mill Ave
     P.O. Box 392
     Tempe, AZ 85280





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